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"If you look through my profile you’ll see I RARELY leave a one star review- over a decade on Google maps and almost a decade on Yelp, 3 years of those as Yelp Elite and tons of reviews total, I’ve only left 3- one star reviews.. This place deserves so much worse than just a bad review.. I was GROSSLY misled by what I thought to be a trustworthy doctor. I went in for my first visit back in June 2020 and was told by Dr Brewer and his insurance nurse that if I would allow them to do an endoscopy they could tell insurance I had a hiatal hernia. With a diagnosis of hiatal hernia, they could utilize my insurance to cover the facility fees, bringing the total for a bypass to approximately $6500 out of pocket. So I agreed to undergo the endoscopy.. After the endoscopy I was somehow told they could not provide a total cost for the surgery up front, instead I was instructed that I must fulfill all of these costly pre-requisites before I could be given a price. By the time I had completed all of the requisites (beginning of September ‘20), the originally quoted price of $6500 jumped to over $10.5k! But the worst part was, I had bills coming in worth thousands on top of that quoted price just from the prerequisite procedures! The prerequisite procedures were elaborate and VERY invasive! They cost thousands of dollars and when I reminded them that I said from the very first visit that I couldn’t afford $10,000+ they said I never mentioned anything like that, even denied quoting me $6500.. unfortunately they’re very cunning and kept everything “off record” so I’m left with thousands of dollars in medical bills for a procedure I cannot afford! None of this sounds “normal” to anyone I tell.. I wonder if there is any sort of recourse I could seek to cover the thousands in bills I have for no reason whatsoever?"
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