I’m 31 years old. My struggle with weight loss has been on and off for many years now. As a young girl I was overweight, but when I started playing sports in school I lost all of the weight and got in really good shape. I even played two varsity sports in college. After college though, I wasn’t as active and slowly started to gain weight. I went through a very abusive marriage both physically and emotionally. After I survived that and divorced him, I started gaining more and more. I was under a tremendous amount of stress and had to stay in a domestic violence shelter for several months, all while attending law school. He stalked for for about a year, which of course caused even more stress. 

I ended up recovering and moving forward with my life and was blessed with a wonderful job. I went up and down pretty drastically with my weight - 40 up and down every year it seemed. A year ago, my primary physician recommended weight loss surgery, but I dismissed it because I didn’t think that I was THAT overweight. This year I gained another 40 pounds and was at my heaviest at 273. I finally got with the program and am having VSG surgery.

I scheduled my surgery from 12/27/18!  I’m really nervous, but also excited about this process. For once in a long time, I actually believe that I can reach my goal weight with the help of this tool and hopefully all of you!  To thinner days and a more beautiful me!

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Oct 22, 2018
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