May 13, 2013 I had vsg. I was never successful with the program. I only lost 30 lbs. By the time I've quit smoking this time around I expect to be heavier than I was before the first surgery. I'm getting the RYN. Not sure of a date. We are gathering my information from my family doctor and others to be sure that I am set up for my insurance requirements. I need six months of monitored dieting and I'm not sure if my family doctor has that or not. I've been monitored several times but not sure if I ever made it to the six month mark. Lets hope. I have a husband who is supportive and loving. He is also going through this with me. He's having RYN as well and may have his surgery before I have mine because he definitely has his six months of dieting from the doctor. I look forward to this surgery. I'm sure it will work out this time. I',m vegetarian this time around so that may make things a little more difficult for me since I am also anemic. I have three children who are incredible and supportive. One of which struggles with her weight on a daily basis. I'm bipolar so I have to watch what meds I take because a lot of them are major weight gainers. I will also have to be closely monitored with my effectiveness of my meds due to the  malabsorption. My mother is also a huge support but I really wish she would have the surgery. She is diabetic due to her weight and she's starting to have other difficulties that would be relieved completely or at least lessened if she lost weight. I'm going to keep working on her and see if I can talk her into having the surgery.  Any way, I'm 40 yrs old, mother of three adults, wife to an amazing husband, daughter to an amazing mother, I am a student working on my Psych bachelors degree. I plan to go all the way for my psych degree but in the mean time I'm learning how to be a book keeper online for businesses and when I get my bachelors I"m going to teach english as a second language until I've gotten my masters or doctorate, which ever I choose to go to. I have three pups that are like my children and after we have lost our weight we are going to adopt out of foster care. I don't want to do it until then because I don't want the kids left while I'm in the hospital or while my husband is in the hospital. No thoughts of abandonment for these kiddo's. Having a parent in the hosptial is a scary thing for a kid and I don't want that. As of right now I"m employed as a caregiver for MH MR dual diagnosis girl in her home but I"m on workmans comp after a huge incident where she beat me up pretty bad. I won't be going back there after the comp is settled. So that's me in a nutshell. Hope you all have a wonderful day.