202 and holding steady

Mar 06, 2017

Doesn't seem to matter what i do I'm holding steady at 202 right now. I've been getting out with my husband playing with his RC cars so we walk for about a half hour a day sometimes longer. It's been bitter cold so we haven't been staying out much longer than that but today is supposed to be nice so today we are going out for as long as the batteries stay charged. I'm eating descent and finally getting some exercise, my goal isnt losing weight at this point its just feeling healthier and getting more active. the rest will fall into place. I'm working slowly on the getting active. when we first started going out witht he RC cars i could only last about 15 minutes and now i'm doing a half hour or more so i'mp roud of my success so far.


Getting back on track tomorrow.. So siked.

Feb 25, 2017

I went shopping and got stuff for me to start eating right. I'm very excited. I bought a ton of cheese sticks and bought stuff to make a recipe I came up with on my own. I'm going to make something like lasagna with cauliflower. I'm going to use layers of cauliflower instead of noodles. I'm going to make it in the crock pot. I'm making it tomorrow.  I'm siked. I can't wait to start eating right and losing weight. I need to get back on track for my health. i'm going to be bringing babies into my life and need to be healthy for them. I also picked up some magnesium, b12, b6 and potassium. I'm starting that too,. I alredy started it but forgot to take it today. I'm doing good. I"m proud of myself making this move. I know I can do it.

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Monday is my scheduled day to quit smoking AND...

Feb 25, 2017

Tomorrow I get back on track. I have some homemade chicken noodle soup to finish up today but I'm going grocery shopping today so that I can get back on track. i'm going to stock up on my foods to be back on track. I'm feeling pretty good and I'm ready to start losing again. I even started walking again yesterday. I only lasted a half hour and then my limbs felt like lead but I'm doing it again today. I'm going to shoot for a little longer walk today. My husband got my out yesterday against all odds. I did NOT want to go I wanted to stay home and sleep but I did it after much pushing. I felt better afterwards I'm glad he got me out. Today I will do shopping so that's some walking in then we are going for an actual walk. I feel good about working on me and getting me healthy. I start acupuncture Monday for the concussion so I'm excited about that. 

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Feb 24, 2017

I'm trying these personal diffusers to see if they help me quit smoking. I'm hoping they do. I made some chicken noodle soup yesterday homemade. That's my last big bang. My stoamch is still causing me trouble and I haven't been to the GI doc yet but I'm now on Prilosec twice a day instead of once so I'm going to finish up my chicken noodle soup and get back on track. I hope the prilosec is enough to keep my stomach calm enough to handle the protein. I'm going shopping to prepare today. I'm excited to get back on track. I'm currently 199. I'm hoping to lose about 60 more pounds give or take ten pounds. I can't do much in the way of exercise due to my work injuries but I'm going to try to start walking a little each day. I figure even if it's not enough to burn fat a little is better than nothing. I long to be healthy and I know how easy it is if I eat right even without the exercise but eventually I want to start running again. I want to run a 5k. It takes about twice as long for me to train for something like that because I'm asthmatic and have to train my lungs to allow me to run. It takes time. The last 5k I was in I only ran about half of it running then walking back and forth till I finished it. I look forward to living a healthy long life. I can't wait to see the results. 


Well I'm waiting for my test

Feb 05, 2017

I need to get my stomach scoped. I'm waiting for them to call for the appointment. If I don't hear by Thursday I will call them. If I have an ulcer they will deal with it if not I will have to get bypass surgery to fix the problem. That's what the surgeon said. The only problem is I'm causing myself more damage. I'm smoking which is bad with or without the ulcer. I have to quit smoking for a few months before they will do a revision on me if that's what I need and I have to quit to get rid of an ulcer if that's what's going on. The only problem is I have to quit without using any nicotiene products. That makes this all that much more difficult. Ugh. Wish me luck cuz here I go.


REVISION to fix acid reflux?

Feb 02, 2017

I've been thinking about this alot. I know I can lose the weight I want without a revision surgery but I'm afraid I may have to have it done because I had VSG in 2013 and my acid reflux has only gotten worse since the surgery. I've been on Prilosec since the surgery and I"m now taking double doses of it and still getting really sick. I was weighed yesterday and I'm going to continue going each month for the next five more months so I can have a revision but I don't know if I even need the 6 months of weigh ins for something like this. Any of you have experience with this? I'm really tired of being sick all of the time. It's getting really old really fast. I am going to my pcp on Friday to get a referral to a GI doc. After I get that done I'm going to see my surgeon and see what he has to say. This is just too much to handle. Everything gives me heart burn even water. It's awful. I didn't want to have a revision but it looks like that would be my best bet for relief.

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Still throwing up

Jan 26, 2017

I am very frustrated. I can't get back on track while i'm going through this. I am sick all the time. Throwing up and can only keep down things like crackers and sometimes gingerale. I'm tired of being sick. The protonix isn't working like it used to and the doctors aren't sure what else to do. I"m on double doses and still sick most of the time. It's mostly acid and when i throw up it's really bitter and most of the time there is blood in it. They cant' do surgery due to the already small size of my stomach. I guess we will just have to wait and see. I'm going back on prilosec and see how that does. I'm just sick of being sick.


Tomorrow come hell or high water i'm getting back on track

Jan 19, 2017

No matter how bad my stomach is I'm getting back on track tomorrow. I started gaining weight back from my last attempt at losing. I can't have that so tomorrow morning I'm drinking a shake for breakfast and having baked fish for lunch. I dont' know if I will eat dinner tomorrow or not. It will just depend on how I feel. No coffee tomorrow. my stomach needs the break. I'm going to drink water and maybe G2 if I get tired of the water. I will have cheese sticks or nuts to snack on tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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Smoke free day two

Jan 16, 2017

I quit smoking Saturday night at 6pm. I'm doing good so far. I'm more anxious today and jittery than I was yesterday but I'm doing it cold turkey. No patches no gum No nothing. I need to do this. I'm spending a fortune on cigarettes and I'm having chest pain and lung pain from smoking. I feel so much better without smoking. I've only been smoking about three years before that I had quit for four years. And I was still having dreams of smoking and cravings even four years from when I quit. I've tried multiple times to quit smoking in my life and the best chance I've ever had is when I quit cold turkey. I've tried everything, the pills the patches the gum the inhaler. Cold turkey is the only thing that works for me which is the most difficult way to do it. WIsh me luck. 


Well I can't eat right due to my stomach issues sooooo

Jan 15, 2017

I can quit smoking. Today is my first day smoke free. I can do this. I believe it. I just have to condition myself to do other things when I would normally smoke. Retrain the brain. More difficult than it sounds. My lungs hurt and I'm quite anxious but I'm doing ok So far. I emptied all the ashtrays so that I wouldn't be tempted to smoke butts. I've done it before I can do it now I just have to believe in myself. 

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