Should I or Shouldn't go to my highschool reunion

Sep 14, 2021

I have hard time if should or shouldn't go to my highschool reunion nobody knows about my weight get to 650 lbs, and i weigh loss surgery and lose 200 lbs, i guess im uncomfortable with my ecess skin.


Letter to my best friend

Jul 25, 2021

Dear Melissa,

I just want to thank you for friendship and always be there through my highs and lows. If i didn't have you i don't know where I be in life. I just want to thank you from bottom of my heart for help lose 200lbs from helping me exercises in bed, help walk, and learn how to cook and eat healthy. Also you were big help to me and boys. I can't thank you enough i will always love you

Love Jillian 


What I don't miss about weigh over 600lbs

Jul 05, 2021

There is alot things i don't miss about being over 600lbs. The first thing is not be able to be free to live my life the way it should be, when I was 600 lbs i was trap in the bed i couldn't walk, Second thing I don't miss about weigh over 600lbs is having clothes that would fit,begin 600lbs i had to make my clothes, now i can go shopping in mall. 3rd thing I don't miss about weight over 600lbs is my boys and mom not worried about me making through the night my biggest fear was my boys and mom find me pass away in bed when i was 600lbs i had trouble breathing. There are many others thing I will not miss weight 650lbs, i thought should start with that 


Letter to old me

Jun 22, 2021

Dear old Jillian,

This is the new you from 2 years to tell you never ever give up on yourself. I know your think in lay bed and think what have done to yourself as world pass by you, and you miss a lot things happen in life such as raise your two boy, Also being a burden to your mom that had quite her job to take care of you and help you do everything such as cook and clean house, take care of boys, and all so take care of you. But im hear to tell you life will get better, On Magical night your on Facebook a God sending gift will be sent to you and will life saving ad for weight loss surgery, and it will be best thing you ever done for yourself. I not going to tell you going to be easy, and your think to yourself how a 650lbs women going to exercise if she stuck in bed, im just going to tell you going to have a lot people help you get life back. In 2 years from now your going to lose 200lbs, enjoy life again do many things you never thought would ever happen to you. So my last words are love the old you, and have fun getting healthy.




Things I can do now, Before my weight loss surgery

Jun 05, 2021

When I weight 650, there were many things I miss out on from being bed bound,and super obses there a lot of things i couldn't do like walk without someone help me, take shower in bathroom, cook and clean, most important thing I couldn't be mother to my boys.Now i had my surgery there things i can do now, that only dream about like cooking and cleaning my house, go shopping, hangout with my friends, be there for my boys. Also one of my goals is to lose all my weight get excess skin removal surgery go back to school get my cosmetology license 


Letter to my Mom

Jun 03, 2021

Dear mom,

I want to thank you for everything you done for me from give me life, be there for my school event, took care of me when I was sick, taught me how to be mother to my wonderful boys, and just having my back.  When i was at lowest point of my life being over 600 lbs you took care of me from  grocery shop, cooking for my family,take boys to school and sporting events, even helping me bathing. But one almost important thing you do for me was paying for life saving gastric bypass surgery that save my life and give me life again, and be one of biggest cheerleader from helping me with my diet, my exercises, and support me through my journey to get healthier. Without you I don't know where I would be im so. Thankfully for having mom like you. I can't thank you enough for what you done for me and the boys.

Love your daughter,



How you deal with excess skin

Jun 03, 2021

I need your help, 2 year ago, i had life saving gastric bypass surgery at that time I weight 650 lbs, and lost about 200 lbs, i weigh now 450 lbs but my body is covered with excess skin, So my question is how you deal with your excess skin, how feel about it, and what do about it.

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Letter to my sons

Jun 02, 2021

Dear Sons,

When you came to this world you brought love to my heart like nobody else did from yours first words till your first steps, i was always there be and your number 1# fan. So im writing this letter to thank you guys and apologize for helping me at my lowest point in my life. Im sorry i couldn't go to your school events, not be able to watch you guys practice and play hockey,Also I'm very sorry that my weight was so out of control you didn't get chance to be kids. Also i want to thank you boys for always being there for me and believe in me that I could lose weight. Thank you for take care of me. I will always love you.





You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Wayne Gretzky

Jun 01, 2021

If i didnt take my shoot at weight loss surgery i would not been live today. At my highest weigh of 650 lbs life was hard to live, i just lay in bed as world pass by me. I thank god everyday to help with my weight loss journey with him,my mom, my boys, and my friend. Michelle, i now weigh 450lbs with still alot work to do.