Lyudmila S. Pupkova

"Dr. Pupkova is the BEST! I feel and felt complete and total confidence in her ability, knowledge and experience. Not only a fine surgeon but a truly caring person. rnrnI was immediately impressed with the Barix Center and with Dr. Pupkova since she was the person actually conducting the information session. She spoke in layman's terms and sincerely encouraged us who were there to ask questions about what she was presenting.rnrnLater when I had the chance to meet with her in a one to one setting, she was professional and thorough, again encouraging any questions that I might have. When we wrapped it up, I extended my hand to shake but she opened her arms and embraced me. Wow, very few if any physicians would do that and I was pleasantly surprised with her openness and obvious warm nature toward others.rnrnFollowing my appointment I proceeded to do some research and discovered only positive and reassuring facts and comments about Dr. Pupkova. She holds an excellent reputation as a surgeon and has received various awards from her peers. I was also impressed to know she holds a PhD in addition to her MD, and, she has been a surgical instructor to Med students.rnrnI do not believe Dr. Pupkova left anything out in her discription of the procedure, the risks, benefits, or expectations. rnrnI feel fortunate to be a patient of such a highly regarded surgical specialist.rnrnExtra note: Dr. Pupkova is ALWAYS available to her patients, just a phone call away! Any question or concern you may have, Dr. P doesn't hesitate to take your call and if she is in surgery or cannot answer right away, SHE will call you back promptly! rnrn"

Unflavored Protein Powder

"price is for a 11.6 oz container or 15 scoops @20 grams of protein per. Mixes well has least amount of after taste than other 'unflavored' protein powders. Mixes well when temperature of liquids is below 130 degrees. In a flavorful brooth or drink, you cannot detect any taste of the protein powder."

Chocolate Splendor Protein Powder

"this price is for a 14.9 oz or 17 scoop container"

Barix Clinics

"Doctors and staff are excellent especially the nurses and aides. They couldn't have been better. Kudos to RN Cathy @ night and "Cis" the CNA during the day. BOTH ARE THE BEST!"

Michael Montanaro

"Was referred to this office by insurance third party (Magellan) for providers who work with weight issues. Dr. Montanaro has this experience and knowledge."
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