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Nov 12, 2017


My name is jeannette but everyone calls me J. Im 27 years old & a mother to very energetic outgoing toddler. Her name is Aaliyah. 

Aaliyah is every reason why im doing this. I want to be around as long as i can for her i want to be able to take her to Disney World and ride every roller coster with her. I want to be able to practice pitching with her i want to be able to teach her confidence and self love.. ive been big all my life and after having my daughter this is the biggest ive ever been. I look at myself now.. and im so ovet it!  i want to feel and look better i want to love my outside as much as i love my inside. Ive always loved me but latley i have not. This past year has been the hardest. I felt depressed and worthless. And miserable i dont want to feel that way any more. What i crave most is a change. 

This last Thursday i had my orientation/ introductory class to the bariatric center at Kaiser. I have my first consultation with my surgeon and nutritionist the 29th of this month. I am scared shitless ! But my excitement overpowers that. I know ita going to be hard and im ready for that.. ive put this off for YEARS!  And know its time! Its my time! If i can bring life into this world i can do pretty much anything.. im doing this for my health im doing this for myself im doing this for my daughter. 

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.????


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Nov 12, 2017
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