Struggling to see my success.

Oct 25, 2015

 Hi everyone, i just joined this site. My name is Julie and I am about to turn 27 in Nov. I have struggled with my weight since I was a child. I remember being teased by the other children in the first grade for being "fat." I finally decided to make a change in my life.

Back in April 2015 I had my Roux en Y surgery. Before surgery I weighed 363 lbs. As of today I now weigh 257 lbs. I know that I've lost a significant amount of weight. I went from a size 30 pant size to 18/20. I'm also now in a xl-1x top from my 3-4x top.

I know that this is great and I should be proud of myself. Yet I look at the fact that I lost 13 lbs this month, and I feel like I should have lost more; I should have done more. 

I eat 3 meals a day, mainly of protein. I go to the gym 4 days of the week doing cardio and strength training. I probably don't get quite enough water in, but I try to.

My doctor said back in July that I could lose 20 lbs a month, and then when I went in on Sept 25 and had only lost 33 lbs from my last visit, he said 10 lbs a month is good. I feel like he changed it to 10 lbs, because I failed to meet the monthly goal of 20 lbs. I felt very ashamed and like I let him down.

Has anyone else felt the way I am feeling?

How much weight did you typically lose per month in the first year?

Is there anything that you suggest I change or do?

I really appreciate any feedback you guys can give. ^^


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Oct 25, 2015
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