1 Year Since Starting Optifast, Wow!

Jan 11, 2018

This morning I woke up craving a protein shake.  I always put some in my decaf as whitener, but today I wanted to actually drink a shake, a Vanilla shake, to be exact, and I couldn't figure out why as I haven't had a shake in ages.

Then it dawned on me; today is January 11th...my I year anniversary of starting Optifast!

Last year on this date I was in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, starting my first day of Optifast.  The previous day I had gone to meet the surgical team.  I was excited, but also anxious.

I remember how awful that first vanilla Opti tasted, mostly because the people I was staying with didn't have any bottled water or ice.  The second day was better, but the first opti tasted awful, and also, it gave me the runs.  I wrote in this blog, last year, that Optifast must have the word fast in the name because it makes us run to the bathroom, fast, lol.

That day I went to a big mall in Toronto.  I weighed 304 Lbs and it absolutely killed me to walk in the mall.  I had to stop often to sit and rest, and take my ventolin. It was especially hard because of the super low calories I was getting compared to my normal caloric intake back then.  It's funny, because Opti provides 900 calories a day and I now consider 900 calories a lot, even though I try to get that in, it scares me after months of getting in 350 calories a day, then 500 calories a day, and most recently 600 calories a day.  I now try to get between 800-1000 calories a day and my brain now sees that as a LOT.  Last year at this time, 900 calories seemed like such a tiny bit. 

Last year at this time, I was terrified that I wouldn't be able to stick to the optifast; I was terrified I'd blow it and cheat like I did so many times before in the past.  I was determined though.  I ended my blog post last year with "I can do this. I will do this.  I am doing this."   And now, 1 year later, I can say, "I did do this!"  

1 was 304 Lbs last year on this date and today I weighed 172.4, which is 131.6 Lbs lighter.  That's a whole person!  I am really hoping to break into the 160's by my 1 year surgiversary on Feb. 1st. 

I've been back on track with eating and walking or riding my exercise bike for 10 days now, and it feels so good to be back in the swing of things.

In honour of my 1 year Opti anniversary, I'm going to drink a protein shake as a snack today .

And now, for no reason whatsoever, here are some photos of me and my hamter, Chunkers, and some photos of the lovely weather I get to walk in every day, lol.



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