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Apr 09, 2018

I went in for my EGD test.  It was confirmed that I have a huge hiatal hernia and GERD.  However, the doctor stated that he did not see anything on the test that would allow for the exclusion with my insurance company to be appealed.  So I am confused because I thought that BOTH a hernia and GERD were reasons for an appeal.  They did not want to even submit a claim.  So I called my insurance company and they said that I could appeal the decision myself, but the office needed to first submit the claim.  So I called the doctor's office, and it appears that the doctor is leaving in June, so he did not want to submit the claim because he wold not be around to do the procedure.  I still felt that they can at least try, even if I will have to choose another provider.  It seems like they do not want to deal with the appeal process so they have written me off.  I will keep you updated on how things go.  

I decided that if I cannot get the appeal approved, then I am just going to go through with the non surgical weight loss option.  Yes, it is rough coming to that conslusion.  However, I do not have the money to pay out of pocket for the surgery.  I will prob never loose the entire amount of weight that I want, and it will be a lifelong battle, and harder, but it can be done! People do it all the time.  Although every other attempt has failed, I can give the non surgical medical weight loss a shot.  

I am really trying hard to stay motivated and encouraged. 


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