Salty snack craving

Feb 18, 2020

I know salty snacks like chips and popcorn is a huge no when in the bariatric game.  I have been trying to eat better because I have a revision coming up.  However, I crave salty snacks before I go to bed, such as chips, or even like something with butter.  I also crave it during the down times in the day.  I do work so if I feel a craving, I just get busier at work to distract myself.  However when I am in bed, I just want to munch on something salty, and it’s really hard to avoid it.  One thing that has worked is... If I have done my bedtime routine, (bath, remove makeup, wrap my hair, meditate and pray). I am waaay less likely to get out of my bed and walk all the way to the kitchen for food, and I don’t.  However, the craving is still there and it occupies so many thoughts in my head that sometimes I can’t sleep.  I don't ever remember it being this bad, except for when I was pregnant and always craved Doritos.  I have even taken a pregnancy test and negative.  I think it may be in my head, but how do I defeat this? And I want to tackle this now rather than after surgery... I have an appointment coming up with my therapist in 2 weeks... what do I do until then? I've tried journaling... I have tried calling someone.  Last night I ended up just taking a melatonin.  And the thing is... I purposely do not buy chips because I will eat them.  Like, I am craving something that I do not even have available in the house! And Lord knows I am not driving to a store just for a bag of chips! But the thoughts are still there... Any suggestions?


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