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Hi CharlieBlack! Great 360 video!

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Hi everyone,

With this next week being Thanksgiving, I'm wondering if I can expect any aromas to trigger bad behavior? I'm only going to be about 6 weeks out for this big holiday, so I'm not that far into heavier foods, but I have to

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Hello Charlie! I'm new to this too, had VSG in mid-October! This is...

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Hello everyone! I'm wondering what you all are planning for Thanksgiving? Do you have a traditional recipe that is not too unhealthy for us post ops and you can serve to non-patients and they won't think you're putting them on a diet? I appreciate your

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Hello Everyone,

I'm still not quite a full month out of surgery, but if you can remember, what were your top foods early in your post op days?

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Hi again! I was doing my daily reading on here this past weekend and noticed someone posted about cooking dinner and eating what I interpreted as pork chops? If your surgery was on Oct 7th and it was Oct 31, is a pork chop (may have been a spelling er

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I'm trying to get a handle on my expectations with just having had the sleeve on the 15th of this month. Did you start to lose right away? How soon before you noticed a significant change?

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Just gathering information for reading while I'm recuperating from surgery a few more days!

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Hi everyone,

I want to thank anyone who posted replies and support for me! You all helped me to get through and my surgery is tomorrow bright and early! I'm less nervous now and feel like I'm opening a new chapter with this.

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OK, so with help from many of you, my pre-surgery nerves were getting calmed down for the most part. I don't watch every report that comes out about Covid numbers, but it's still here. Should I be nervous being in a compromised situation like surgery?

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I have so far found every flavor tasty, even though I am still pre-op...

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The big thing I've waited for, a surgery date in mid-October, and now I have the biggest case of nerves you can imagine. Did anyone else have this happen? My stomach is literally doing flip flops and I can't concentrate. I can't take 3.5 weeks of thi

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So....I am finally settled on having the sleeve, but my hair is already thinning some, and has been that way for a year as a result of some of my medications. NOW I need to get an idea if I might have more hair loss or anything else that I should be wa

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Hello everyone,

With all of the delays and setbacks due to Covid, I have finally been able to attend a few information sessions virtually, and took care of my RD meetings. During the information session, we were able to meet three surgeons, and

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I joined this site and have gotten great support and advice here and...

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So here I go...I have decided on a surgeon and I have my first Virtual Visit with a dietitian two weeks from now. I have been keeping food logs all during COVID-19 and have lost some weight during this time by following tips I have found here and by re

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Hi all, I'm still researching for surgery and leaning toward having VSG. If you had surgery in Mexico, did the hospital have high standards of care and cleanliness? I have never been there, but if I end up paying cash for my surgery, I want to weigh my

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Hello everyone here. My pcp has just recently told me he is suggesting I consider weight loss surgery, it's time. I know a bit about surgery types from reading on this site, but I'm worried since I already have diabetes and high blood pressure. Would m

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