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Hi guys! Hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving filled with family and friends! You guys have become a wonderful place for me to vent and brainstorm as i type and let my feelings out about whats been going on with my adventures. Since i havn't upda

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Well Monday was the Day 1 of my 4th week. First time since my surgery i woke up and weighed the exact same as i did the day before * i know weighing daily isn't recommended* 353.8 2 days in a row yesterday i went up .8 lbs and today i was back to 353.8

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Hello. As others have said as well i had my VGS done on 10/29/19...

Komatos posted a discussion topic 8 months, 4 weeks ago

Hello friends. I had my surgery on oct 28th this year 2019 and after the clear liquid stage for the first 3-4 days. i have been having troubles getting enough food let alone protein down. I cant stand the shakes i try to choke down a half a shake a

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Hello again friends!

about a week before i went in for my surgery i had a co worker talk to me about maybe picking up some Compression clothing for my weight loss adventure. just to hold my loose skin together. im down about 55ish pounds and

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Hello I just had my surgery done on Monday 10/28/19 and I think I have been doing alright sticking to my diet. Mainly the clears. I might be shorting my self a little on water intake but im try to work that up as much as i can. My meals have mostly co

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