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  • Are there any types of "go fund me" fundraiser page's specifically for post weightloss surgery patients needing to get skin removed? I'm not even talking implants or that type of procedide, but thigh lifts,. Tummy tucks/panniculecyomys.etc.

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Hi everyone, I had an upper GI completed yesterday and the results have been emailed to me. I'm impatient and don't want to wait until a weekday when my doctor gets a chance to read it and tell me the results. Can you help me understand what the resul

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I'm 31yr old,m and 10 year roux en y. I want to restart like I did immediately following my surgery and get back on track and get this weight off on my own. Can anyone share tbthe diets with me? I read that post op you should only eat between 300-600 C

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Has anyone tried this? Im 10yr post op and feel as though my stomach is not nearly as small as it was in 2008, and I'm gaining weight back. Postive feedback and advice only please, I don't need shamed. I do that enough on my own... Thanks in advance!!

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