Hey guys I am Lezette, I am a mother of 4 and have been on my weight loss journey most of my life. As I child I was born with overactive fat cells and have been obese as long as I can remember.  I have 2 blood diseases, Factor II mutation and Congenital methemeglobinenimia. In 2007 I had 2 PE's and the doctors gave me 6 months to live during that time they found the Methemeglobinenimia and for years I have had to receive life saving infusions of methylene blue. The last two years have been the hardest as my blood doesn't carry oxygen so it's like living in a house fire every day of your life. Last year I was hospitalized every other week to receive infusions. I truly believed the combination of WLS and Protein would help me and I searched for a surgeon willing to help. May of 2017 I found Dr.Kevin Huguet and he agreed with me. I started my 6 month pre surgery requirements and changed my diet. I cut out most carbs and increased my protein,  I had always been a water drinker so that part was easy. Prior to surgery I lost 30 pounds and in December of 2017 I had VSG from there I committed to charting every day what I ingested,  activity. Weight every detail using MY Fitness Pal along with a Fitbit. I increased my protein intake and made sure to take the vitamins my body needed. My hospitalizations have become less frequent,  my blood levels and panels have improved significantly and I feel a huge part has been protein. As of today I have lost 122 pounds and I only need infusions every 2 months now. I'm not at my goal weight yet but every day I get closer and closer. I'm feeling better than I can ever remember and I truly feel I have gotten a second chance at life. I'm always willing to answer questions or help anyone on their weight loss journey. I have a YouTube channel, Instagram, Facebook, My Fitness pal and I am constantly searching for other forums and resources.  I test out lots of products, protein powders, supplements and snacks and post on my Instagram My name is the same there as here, feel free to follow me or reach out. Spread Kindness like glitter and be nice to people LezetteChristineMua 

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I loved myself but my health was steadily declining
Feeling 20 years younger NO GOING BACK! 16M POST VSG

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