Getting Back in the Groove Focusing on the NSV

Oct 15, 2020

It's been almost 3 years since I made the decision and went through with my VSG surgery. During Covid Life hit me and it hit me hard, not even going to lie or sugar coat it. I am very connected with my bariatric community and family, support team. As each of the Obesity and Bariatric conferences got postponed, cancelled and rescheduled, I found myself sinking further into a deep hole one that I didn't even see coming until I hit the bottom and there was almost barely a thread of twine to pull myself out. I was very fortunate that somehow that tiny thread managed to support me. After all I had connected with so many outstanding bariatric success stories who had also faced regain and bounced that I knew I wasn't alone yet still I felt ashamed. At my heaviest I was 348lbs and when I attended Obesity Help Last Fall 2019, In California I was at 193 which was my ALL TIME LOW! By Spring of 2020, amongst Covid I had bounced back up to a staggering 206.8lbs, A promise broken to myself that I would NEVER get over 200 lbs again and I knew I had to re-focus. I started back attending every virtual support Zoom I could and re-connecting with my Bariatric family and decided that for me Bariatric Revision was not something I wanted to happen so I started tracking EVERYTHING and was able to lose the Regain and then even get lower than my lowest weight on record as an adult. DOUBLE WIN!! So I am Getting Back In the Groove and looking forward to 2021, Obesity and Bariatric conferences, events and support groups. I am focusing on taking back my health, my life , having my family and all the NON SCALE VICTORIES These days! I want to encourage and inspire you all to be the best version of yourself and know you are morethanjustabariatricpatient! SPREAD KINDNESS LIKE GLITTER! Lezette Christine Mua


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