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"I am a month post-op from an extended abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and extended mastopexy (breast lift, no augmentation) with Dr. Forman. He was one of four plastic surgeons in the DC area that I met with to adjust my skin after losing half my body weight. He was far and away my top choice among the surgeons because of his professionalism, skill and openness to answer all of my questions. Both before and after surgery, he and his staff have always responded quickly and professionally to my concerns and fears. I feel well cared for on every level. I also really appreciate Dr. Forman's honesty and experience related to how to best adjust my multi-layered needs after losing so much weight. After 30 years of stretching my skin and muscles out of shape, Dr. Forman explained what he could do and what may not be possible considering the amount of extra skin that I had and the loss of skin elasticity with age. His goal was to improve my contours, remove the excess skin and tighten my abdominal muscles. I had hoped to have more areas of my body "fixed" in one surgery to save time. He explained that the more areas my body had to heal at once, the more likely it was to have complications. I decided to trust his experience and I am so glad that I did. Only 4 weeks after surgery, the results are already amazing. My breasts are wonderful and no longer sag. While I still have some lower abdominal swelling, which is normal, my muscles are tight, the 2+ pounds of extra belly skin is gone and I have a small waist. Dr. Forman's incisions are beautiful and healing flawlessly and he was even able to fix other scarred incisions from past surgeries! Finally, I only have praise for all of his office staff and his team at the Sibley Hospital OR. They have made the experience easy from pre-op and financial planning to smooth recovery from a long surgery to gentle reassurance from his nurses and assistants. I am so glad that I chose to have surgery with Dr. Forman and plan to have another surgery with him in the future."
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