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Hello All! I started Opti exactly 4 months ago and I feel so different. It is actually unbelievable how much better I feel. At this point I can definitely say it was the best decision for me. I started out as a size 18-1x and at this point am wearing s

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3 months out from surgery and I feel fantastic! I cannot believe how much better my body feels getting the extra weight off. I have so much more energy and am generally loving life more each day. Getting dressed in the morning is something not to be dr

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I have to say I did a ton of research before having RNY and the one thing I didn't realize was the change in menastration that would happen. It wasn't listed as a possible side effect that I found anywhere. I'm 48 years old and am on my 2nd Mirena IUD.

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I am having my first scale stall. I know my body is changing but the scale has not moved at all in over a week. Very frustrating but thanks to this site I knew it could be expected. I will continue on and hope next weeks weigh in is better. All you peo

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Hi All, had my surgery Friday morning at 8 and was back home by late Saturday afternoon. The worst part about it all is that anesthesia does not agree with me. They tried to combat the effects but it didn't work. Woke up in recovery with the dry heaves

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It may be freezing out but at least it is sunny! Looking for some general time lines from those that have had RNY. For those who were in generally good health going into surgery and as long as you didn't have any complications were you released the d

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Meet the surgeon yesterday and he said I only just qualify so was I sure I wanted to do this? I am 48 years old, 5'5 and 228 lbs. I was at heaviest in the spring at 236 when I asked for a referral. I can struggle to lose som

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