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Nov 12, 2017

I read something earlier this week on this website.  The person said (roughly), “An alcoholic can’t have a single drink, or a smoker can’t have just one cigarette.  If you want to lose the weight you can’t eat just one cookie and think it won’t harm your plans and goals”.  When I read that it really seemed to hit me.  I always thought eating an entire bag of cookies was a problem, but one cookie wasn’t a big deal.  But it is true that a cookie, a drink, or a cigarette, even one can be a start on a path you don’t want to be on.  I don’t know why it didn’t sink in earlier.


This has been a successful week for me.  I’m not talking about weight loss; I’m talking about staying on a proper eating regimen (I don’t say diet).  I made it through all the withdrawal cravings and stayed true to my goals and plans.  I’ve thought about my goals and it’s always been to lose (x-amount) of weight.  That being said, I decided to change that frame of mind.  The scale can be you’re best friend or worst enemy.  You can do a great job all week and then the scale will tell you that despite all you’ve done, there is no progress.  That gives an opening to discouragement and giving up.  So here are some of my new goals I want to reach.  I want to lose enough weight that I can stand for 6-8 hours at work without my feet killing me.  I want to lose enough weight that I can fit into my stylish winter coat I bought 2 years ago and haven’t worn since.  I want to lose enough weight that my work clothes can fit OVER my hips instead of being bunched up above them.  I want to lose enough weight that the doctor will stop threatening to put me on blood pressure medicine because it’s boarderline.  With these new goals in mind I hope it will help me continue on a proper eating path instead of beating my self up when the scale doesn’t move down.


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