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"Kyle Rose has been a huge blessing to me during my preoperative planning for a duodenal switch. I’ve worked with multiple dietitians in the past from different services and Kyle superseded any experience that I’ve had with other dietitians. Kyle’s knowledge, positive attitude and motivating energy are guaranteed to set his patients up for success. I have already made a few, simple changes that Kyle has suggested and I can feel a difference in my health. I plan to continue to follow with Kyle even though my insurance does not cover visits with him. I will pay for a good quality dietician and that quality comes from Kyle. He is a dietician who will listen to your needs, weaknesses and goals. He will recommend reasonable changes and teach you about new beneficial habits without ever being judgmental or condescending. He always remains positive and motivating. He knows that if his patients make the recommended changes and listen to the advice on how to meet their nutritional needs that they will lose weight and feel great. I am grateful for the wonderful support and knowledge that I have gained from Kyle. I highly recommend Kyle Rose!!!!"
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