The key to weight loss is not necessarily calorie counting

Aug 12, 2019

The public ideal of a body has for years ensured that many people strive for a healthier and slimmer body. This led to countless diets and nutrition, which are adopted by many to lose in the first place weight. The different methods of losing weight are partly very failed and partly very simple. One of the most popular methods is calorie counting. Although the approach is not fundamentally wrong, a lot needs to be considered.


Calories are not equal to calories

In the meantime, you can see very well the number of calories of different foods. However, it must be noted that not every calorie is equal. An equal number of calories in the Hamburger is not equal to a salad. Fresh healthy food is much healthier than Processed. It is also well known that this saturates faster and more sustainably.

Too few calories can be harmful

Many, especially young people, tend to overdo it. To lose weight, consume significantly less calories than the body needs. If the daily turnover, which everyone can calculate personally for themselves, this will damage the metabolism. The body now takes the necessary energy from other sources and will begin to reduce the musculature to provide enough energy for the body. If you drive it to the top and constantly feed too little energy to the body, even runs the risk that the internal organs are attacked. In addition, the defenses suffer from permanent calorie deficiency.

Physical activity increases the calorie requirement

Calorie intake should be adjusted to daily activity. Those who are physically very active in the profession or regularly exercise after work, increases their daily energy demand. As an extreme example, an Olympic swimmer can be listed here, which in the training phase must also take 10,000 calories to reach the daily needs. This is about five times the daily turnover of an average adult man. But also strength and endurance athletes in the hobby area can easily implement 4,000 and more calories a day. For example, when counting calories, the physical activity should always be included.

Few calories does not mean healthy

Those who count calories do not necessarily live healthier than those who do not. The composition of daily calories is equally important. It is important to have a healthy diet and to keep the well-known nutrition pyramid in mind. The right ratio of fat, protein and carbohydrates should be strictly adhered to and should not be strongly postponed in favor of calorie counting. Source


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