Mitchell S. Roslin

"<b>If you're looking for a new best friend or for someone to hold your hand, Roslin may not be your man. HOWEVER, if you're looking for a surgeon who is skilled, competent and truly has a gift from God, you're in the right place. I continued fighting for insurance approval with Mitch Roslin because I'd heard he was incredibly skilled in performing the DS. In a market like NYC where there are a plethora of surgeons who perform this procedure, he remains a stand-out. Reports from his post-op patients were so excellent, that I knew I could settle for no one else. There were delays and miscommunications with his office staff at times but every day post-op I regret nothing because I know I put myself in the best hands possible.</b>"

Lenox Hill

"The new Bariatrics Wing at Lenox Hill is quite posh and spanking new. Nurses were great about administering heparin and demerol shots when necessary. I was very fortunate in that I had no roommate for the bulk of my stay and it was like having a private room. If you end up at Lenox Hill, consider yourself the most fortunate patient in the world if your overnight nurse is Bella ... She is truly a cut above her colleagues on the nursing staff (although none of them really sucked). It is nearly a month since I had my surgery and the thought of Bella still brings a smile to my face. She is a bit of a thing but so strong and accomodating in every way. So many others on the nurse and aide staffs would not help you get up by using their strength, claiming bad backs. Bella didn't even blink. God bless nurses as dedicated as she was because she made half my stay exceptional. Unfortunately she was off the other two days."
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