I don't know why I let my weight get that high

Jun 23, 2022

Today i was looking at old pictures of me before my weight loss surgery and still till this day i can't tell how i end up weigh over 700 lbs. But have some reason that i let my weight got so out of hand. Frist of growing up i didn't have many friends and only friends i had was Wendy's and her Frosty and Baconator which me fell not alone and happy when i eat it. Second being raised by single mom who work two jobs and did her best, When she was so tried to cook so about ever day we would go through drive-thru like KFC, McDonalds and Taco Bell. Third get job and using my money to feed my food addicted. Fourth not realizing how much i was eating and drinking. Back in day when i weigh over 700 i would go through two 24 pack of can Coke a day, i could down i KFC Family meal by myself, and eat two whole pizza meals by myself. Those are some reason I got weight of 700 lbs. But know since I got my surgery i lost 300 lbs i know i have way.

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Letter to my daughter June

May 26, 2022

Dear June,

When you came to my life you made my world a better place and you give me the greatest job ever be your mother. But also went to apologize for my weight getting so high and not being there for and not letting you being a kid you need to be.Also I went to thank you for all you did for me when I weigh 700 lbs like cooking for me, cleaning the house and embarrassing thing like helping me bath going bathroom. Now im 300lbs lighter i hope i repay you for all things you did for me.



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Starting an organization to prevent Childhood Obesity

May 19, 2022

im think about Starting an organization to prevent childhood obesity. As you may not know Im a Techer and i use to weigh 700lbs and lose 300lbs. Now im much healthy i want to help kids and lead them to path on healthy eating and exercise. Because I don't want nobody go through on what i went through with weight. The organization im started im going to teach them good eating habits and exercise daily.

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Help Childhood Obesity

Mar 31, 2022

As many of you not know before my weight problem and weight loss surgery i was home ec techer and I love it especially when I teach kids how cook it was my favorite part of the job but also danger part to because my food addition because i would eat leftovers the kids cook. My weight problem got so bad had to quit my job at that time i was around 500lbs. After my life went downhill to point i couldn't get out bed and weigh over 700 i knew i had to do something because i love teach kids and cooking, research on weight loss surgery, and had the Duodenale Switch Sugery and lose almost 300lbs and got my job back. Now before we do our Cooking lesson show them my before and after pictures and tell the importance all eat and cook healthy food because I don't want the kids to go through on what I went through with weight and heath problems. Also i want set explain for them on it never to late change your life around.


My 3 Month update

Mar 29, 2022

I'm back at work and I've already lost Fair amount of weight. Also feel encouraged by my weight loss I feel lighter on my feet and have more energy than ever I did when I weigh over 700lbs. I have little bit of pain it goes way when I started my day. My diet is going great My doctor just approve me to add soft and solid food like fresh fruits, cook vegetables, and Ground meats.My active level is improving I still have to do chair exercises because I can't stand along time but I love swimming in pool. I would keep you guys post on my journey


2 Weeks After Surgery

Dec 14, 2021

Sorry for long wait on updated blog on my weight loss surgery I been so busy with school and life had weight loss surgery Last month at my Heaviest I weigh embarrassed 708 lbs today I weigh 620. So here's my how my recovery was for week 2 to 3. My pain is not severe it tolerable but nagging sometimes it is most noticeable When I'm getting in our out of car. My diet includes foods that have consistency of a smooth paste or thick liquid, but mostly liquids.My exercising is going good My ability to walk each everyday and moving my body is come alot easy for me since Surgery. My emotional are I'm so happy with my surgery and I wish I done it sooner. I will keep you Updated soon Hope this blog Well help you In your journey


My Life at 700 + lbs

Nov 30, 2021

As you may not know I had  weight loss surgery 3 weeks ago , I'm also writing this blog to help other people who are at my weight to tell them never give up. At my highest weight I weigh over 700pounds and my life was Miserable and I was in pain every day the only thing I look forward to was food.Food was my best friend it Did not judge me, it was always good there for me when I was sad, happy. Also the little things that people take For Granted was  exercise to me like getting dressed in morning, not be able to leave my bed, walking, and the most embarrassing thing is my mom have to help me with my hygiene. I'm so happy now that I have tool of surgery to help me lose weight and Live happy Longer healthier life

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Goals I want to achieve after I lose all my weight

Nov 23, 2021

  1. Compete in powerlifting
  2. Compete in bodybuilding
  3. Training to become a professional wrestler
  4. Coach basketball
  5. Help others with their weight loss surgery
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I had Weight Loss Surgery Friday

Nov 06, 2021

Last Friday I had weight loss surgery, I had somewhat a restless night after surgery so I'm little bit Tired. My pain is bearable when I'm in different positions i have different levels of comfort, my thoart is sore, swollen and dry but small sips of water is help me. My diet is drink clear liquid like broth,Unsweetened juice , and sugar free jello.  Also I was surprise I was not hungry, I'm just dehydrated and thirsty.My mental stage was full of a variety of emotions I just undergone a complete change in my life forever, and Food has always been a lifelong friend, a companion, a stress reliever, and my addiction.I still ask myself "Did I do the right thing" or "What did I do to myself?" I will keep you post on how I'm doing with my surgery.


Wish me luck

Oct 02, 2021

Wish me lucky today I'm good to Attempt to my first Exercise in bed, because I need to lose this weight it not fun weight over 700 lbs I have so much to live for