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Any recommendations on Clear Liquid Protein drinks for my 1st week post-op? The list my WLS center gave me includes Isopure, Health Wise, Atkins Lift, Premier Clear, and Unjury (powder).

I'm not a huge fan of flavored waters, so I'm concerned o

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Yesterday I had my final WLS appointments, prior to surgery. I was at the WLS center for over 4 hours. Here is summary of each appointment:

Surgeon Visit- Found out that I'm...

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I'm excited to support you as we go through our WLS journeys together!

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I know pre-op diets vary by surgeon, but I was reviewing my nutritional packet, and I saw that during my 2-week pre-op diet, that I am allowed 4 oz. of lean protein a day. I have not seen that allowance in any other pre-op diets that have been document

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I got the phone call today. My VSG procedure was approved by my insurance and my surgery date was scheduled for November 26th!!!


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VSG was approved today and I now have a surgery date. November 26th. I was hoping for something in late October or early November, but now that I have a date, I really don't care. I'm just thrilled...

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In my last bog post (8/28/18) I shared that I had met all my pre-op insurance requirements and my proedure was going to be submitted to my insurance for approval. I had thought by now (9/18) that I...

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I've met all my pre-surgery insurance requirements. Now my weight loss clinic will be submitting my case to my insurance for approval.

For those who have had VSG using insurance, how long did your insurance approval take?

The weight lo

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Last Friday I had my final doctor's visit required for my 6 month weight management program. He was ready happy with my progress and felt good about me continuing on to surgery. I expected to hear ...

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Friday nigt I went to a Carolina Panthers Pre-Season NFL game. Last year when I went to an NFL game at the same stadium I could barely fit into the seat and was in pain the whole game. This time ar...

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Hope your surgery went well. Good luck with the recovery.

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I'm curious what kind of weighing habits WLS patients (pre & post surgery) have. I know some weigh daily and some only weigh weekly (or even longer intervals). That is a more serious debate, but I was more curious about funny quirks, habits, or superst

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Today I had my physcological consult. I've never been to a conseling session before. My bariatric surgery program requires that I have at least 1 counseling session with a psychologist. After the session, the PsyD said she was going write a recommendat

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Well its been almost two months since my last blog update so here is an update.

The last blog was focused on my EGD/colonoscopy and diagnosis of sleep apnea. Nothing real exciting to report ...

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So me and my wife are concerned that she may have developed a eating disorder after 10 years of having the lap-band. Long, Long, Long story short...she had a lap-band placed in 2008 and has lost over 100 lbs. since. However along the way she has been u

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I am about halfway through my insurance-required 6 month Weight Management Program. It has been going really well and I have lost about 35 lbs. I feel great and am really excited about this journey I am on. My WLS doctors are extremely impressed and ev

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I would really like to hear from anyone that has had their VSG for more than 10 years. If so, have there been any unexpected side effects or problems as a result of VSG.

I am still nervous about VSG because it still seems "new". I know its actu

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It's been a few weeks since my last blog post and a lot has happened. here is Part 2

May 17th- I had my uper ednoscpopy (EGD)scheduled with my surgeron. Because of family history and my age,...

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It's been a few weeks since my last blog post and a lot has happened.

May 3- Took my at-home sleep study. Picked up my equipment that morning, got a 20 minute tutorial on how to use it. I to...

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So as part of my pre-op, this Thursday I have to do a sleep study, but the pulmonologist recommended a home sleep study instead of staying overnight at the sleep clinic. Has anyone else taken a home sleep study? Is it difficult to set it up? Are there

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I had my 2nd appointment with Dr. Tomcho today, who is overseeing my medically supervised 6 month pre-op weight management program. I also did a resting metabolic rate (RMR) test today. No surprise...

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I have a RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) test tomorrow. So I'm in the 24 hour window of no exercise, no medications, no vitamins, no alcohol, and no caffeine. After 8 PM it will be no food or liquids ...

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So I am a VSG candidate now, but I'm not the first in my family to have WLS surgery. My wife had a LAP BAND procedure in 2008. And yes she did initially lose a decent amount of weight but not as much as she wanted (my wife asked me not to use specific

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Seems like this board is dead, but I'm in my 30's and would definitely like to chat with others my age about WLS. I'm currently in my insurance-required 6 month Weight Loss Program. Once complete I hope to be approved for VSG. I'm 36 and have weighed a