37 years old. Stuggled with my weight since high school. Can't remember ever weighing less than 250 lbs. Now I have topped out at 320 lbs and need to make a change. I have rollercoastered with diets losing 20-30 lbs and then gaining it all back. My wife is super supportive of my decision to pursue VSG. She had a lap-band implanted in 2008 and while she has lost over 100 lbs, but it wasn't (and still isn't) easy. Despite that I need to make a change for me, for her, and my 2 children. I was born and raised in West Viriginia where obesity is common. I have never felt overwight or been depressed about my weight. But now living in a healthier state (NC) I see that my weight is not common and I need to make a change. Very thankful to have found this community to share my journey with.     

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