feeling discouraged

Jun 16, 2017

So I am a little over 6 months out and the weight loss has slowed down considerably. I'm really sure why. I don't believe I have been over eating or stretched out my pouch. I have moments where I've eating foods that are not healthy and I know I shouldn’t be eating. I’ve been exercising at least 3 days a week for the most part. I got sick in May with pneumonia so I was unable to work out for almost a month due to the trouble breathing and chest pain on exertion but other that I’ve been pretty consistent. To date I’ve only lost 56 lbs. so far. I’m beginning to feel discouraged like this is not working especially since I have gained some weight not much just enough to make me feel discouraged. I’m really feeling like this is not working even though everyone around says oh you lost so much weight. I am still obese, I still don’t like the way I look in my clothes. I am not getting the results that I would have liked at this point in my weight loss journey.


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