I've always had issues with my weight -- I remember being a size 6X in kindergarten and my great grandmother telling me the X was for Xtra special.  It was a long time before I knew that was not the case.  I had never really considered WLS and just figured I would always be the biggest woman in the room.  It never held me back or really slowed me down but about 2 years ago, I was diagnosed type 2 diabetic and that has changed everything.  I thought that would be the kick in the pants to help me lose weight because I wanted to be one of the people that just controls it through diet and excercise.  Well, two years later and two meds later, that hasn't been the case.  In May, my dr recommended I look into WLS and she said something interesting "you're still young, you should do it now" -- I turned 45 last year so wasn't really thinking of myself as young so that goosed me to look into it.    I've completed a change management program, been working with a psychologist and nutritionist and I think I've made some good changes that I can sustain so I'm excited that I'm finallly scheduled for surgery on 2/14.  I'm telling myself Valentine's Day is an auspicious start because I'm loving myself enough to change my life.   Wish me luck.

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Thanksgiving 2016 - 20lbs less than my heaviest weight

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