Moving forward

Apr 17, 2007

Monday night I attended my first seminar with Dr. Edwards in Springfield.  Why was I so afraid that I would be the only person there?   I was wrong about that.   The classroom was almost full,,, Wow.. just didn't expect that I guess.  At first, I'll be honest I wasnt' impressed with Dr. Edwards.   There were several questions asked during the course of the seminar and he just seemed very  short in answering them, almost like he wasn't giving the person asking the question a chance to even get the complete sentence out of their mouth and he was blurting out an answer...Maybe that was just my perception but I didn't care for that..   As the seminar continued however, it was almost as if Dr. Edwards loosened up a bit..  there were a few jokes cracked in discussion and he seemed to join right in, and made a few cracks himself.. that part of him I really liked, it just made me feel more relaxed.    The seminar was really good, very informative though a lot of the information he shared I had read/learned about from bansters on this site... so that was nice!..    
I'm heading right for this lap-band procedure because I am wanting it so desparately.  My insurance will not pay for the band procedure although they will pay for gastric bypass, but I said no thanks.   I realize, that BCBS could begin coverages of the lap band in 6 months to a year though maybe even longer down the road.. they COULD decide to cover it then.  But what if they don't and I have wasted another year of my life waiting?  I said no... I want the lap-band  now and I'm not putting my life on the back burner any longer.  I don't care how long it takes me to pay this off.. this is the one for me.   I know it will be worth it for my family just to have me!.   Least I think they feel that way.. I thought about taking out my 401K from my previous job but geeze.. they penalize the heck out of you if you do that so I am so unsure  what or how I'll round up the money but I will.    

Today is Wednesday, seminar was Monday evening and I already have my papers filled out.   Have most of my medical records together and those I don't have, have been requested.      I'm so excited about all this.  Hopefully I'll get these papers mailed off tomorrow   and will hear back in a few weeks for my consultation appointment.     Wish me luck..   

Made the Call

Mar 29, 2007

Well I finally did something... I phoned Dr. Ewards office yesterday and I now am registered to attend a seminar in April.  Apparently this is a requirement to get started.   I am hoping that since I am not waiting on insurance approval cause I am doing this self pay, the ball will roll a little faster..that's my hope anyway.  The lady I spoke with said that they would give a packet of information, I was to get it filled out and back to them and then they would contact me within fourteen days to schedule my consultation with Dr. Edwards.  We'll see how that goes I guess.  The lady I spoke with also said that they would need the last five years of my medical records.  I just hope this isn't to show the diets I have tried because I never went through my doctor to lose weight you know.  I mean sure all of my visits would show my weight  at that time but I always joined weight loss centers like high energy, and Weight Watchers just never talked to my physcian about them.  Oh well, it's not like they are having to prove to my insurance that I need this surgery right.. I'm self pay!!  I'll wait and see what happens from now.  

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