My name is Kristie, I am 38 years old have been married since 1988 and have no children.  No children is not for lack of wanting or trying, PCOS and weight did not work in our favor.  I have been overweight most of my adult life.  Of course, like many people, I figured I could lose weight on my own.  Yeah, not so much.  Have tried every diet out there only to lose and regain that weight plus more.  My mom had open ryn 03/17/05.  Plus 2 of my very close friends had the same thing.  After watching how it changed their lives, I decided to get up the courage to go for it!  Everything happened so quickly.  I contacted CORI on 09/24/06, received paperwork, went to seminar, had surgical consultation, met with PCP, had psych exam, pre-op's and surgery on 11/07/06.  I could have had my surgery prior to that, however, it was a requirement to be smoke free for 4 weeks.

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