Tamara Vigil

"Tammy is great, and genuinely wants the best for the people who come to see her. When I met her, I was eating 5,000 calories a day minimum but she was amazing and helped frame food in different light for me. If I ever feel myself slipping, I will not hesitate to make another appointment with her."

Fredric Pieracci

"I had surgery on 10/15/19, and I was incredibly pleased with Dr. Pieracci. His calm, confident demeanor the morning of surgery certainly eased my anxieties, his bedside manner was far better than I generally would have expected from a surgeon, and he did an amazing job with my sleeve. I definitely feel like he made it the correct size."
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Jun 13, 2020
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Before: 290 lbs. (not even my highest weight) After: 177 lbs. just 8 months after surgery
Before: 290, 15 pounds from my highest weight ever. After: 177 lbs. just 8 months after surgery

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