Rough day

Jan 06, 2019

Today was the roughest of my pre op diet. Period. I live with my husband and 14 yo son, I have been chill and understanding while they have made dessert every single night. They aren't on this WLS journey and I can't expect them to behave as if they are. I have been reading to supply distraction after distraction while they enjoy their meals. 3 books in 6 days... Today was too much, they ordered pizza, so I went upstairs to read, but of course my whole house smelled. When I thought they'd be done I went downstairs to find the boxes...emptied...are still on my counter. 

I didn't cheat, I didn't act rude, but I was a little depressed and I felt sorry for myself momentarily. Then I made pineapple jello. I ate my jello and moved on.


Overall it was a great day, I played with my grandsons since I won't be able to pick them up a few days post op. Saw my two week old granddaughter and told my daughters about my surgery, huge step for me.

I will be fine, I will be fine, I will be fine.


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