Cruise Info!

Nov 13, 2007

If you are wanting info on the cruise, here it is:

4 Day Baja Mexico from  San Diego, CA

April 24th - April 27th, 2008

Sailing on: Thursday
Ship: Elation

This fabulous 4 Day cruise departs from San Diego and features a stop in beautiful Cabo San Lucas and two fun-filled days at sea.

1 San Diego, CA   4:00pm View Shore Excursions
2 Fun Day At Sea      
3 Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 8:00am 4:00pm View Shore Excursions
4 Fun Day At Sea      
5 San Diego, CA 8:00am   View Shore Excursions

From Sue Ramsey, the travel agent:

The rates are as follows:

Rate for 1st and 2nd (double) cabin is $330.00 per person for interior 4a category

Rate for 3rd and 4th (triple or quad) is $180.00 per person for interior 4a category   Rate for 1st and 2nd (double) cabin is $370.00 per person for ocean 6a category Rate for 3rd and 4th (triple or quad) is $200.00 per person for ocean 6a category   The port charges are $136.14 per person in all cabins Prepaid gratuities are $40.00 per person (You may add to this amount if you wish) but this is the "normal" guidelines every cruise line uses. They prepay to make it easier on the passengers. If you want or need cruise protection plan (cancellation in case the unknown happens) is over 16years. $49.00 per person and under 16years $29.00 per person. This is not required but is sometimes needed.It's up to you.   As an example:   Rate for ocean is $370.00 Port fees               136.14 Gratuity                  40.00 Protection plan        49.00   Total                   $595.14 per person unless adding 3rd or 4th but remember to add all the same charges other than the cruise rate for each person. Deposit of $25.00 per person is due by Nov. 14, 2007 Second deposit of $150.00 is due by Dec. 18, 2007 Final is due by Feb. 20, 2008. Yes, you can pay both deposits at the same time by Nov. 14st if you prefer and with a separate credit card for each person(or family) I do need credit card number-expiration date and security code plus correct billing address.   REMEMBER STARTING IN JAN. OF 2008 EVERYONE NEEDS A PASSPORT!!!!!Even the children. I also need names by the Dec. Deposit date. The names need to be the same as your passport. I do not need middle names---just first and last but the correct spelling---this is a must.   I also need to know if anyone has a medical need such as special foods for a diabetic,etc. In other words any info to help you have a great time. <<<<<<


Sue Ramsey


[email protected] 



Finally updating!

Apr 23, 2007

It has been FOREVER since I last updated! Actually I am a little embarrassed to say, not much has changed weight wise. I weigh almost exactly the same 175-180, depending on the day! I have to really work to keep the weight off. I can eat a lot more, but worse than that, I know when I can "trick" my pouch by grazing. Bad habit, DONT DO IT!!!! Anyway, I try ot keep with the healthy snacks and eat protein first. I still dont drink with my meals (except a few sips at restaurants). I am so HAPPY with my weight that I think I dont try hard enough to get to my surgeons goal of 150. I really need to do that, So I am really going to work on it through the summer.
I still dump a little when I eat too many grams of sugar or something too fatty. I just try not to go there and its not  a problem.
I would love to get my arms and boobs done, but that will have to wait for now. I need my kitchen remodeled and I have two kids just getting ready to go to college. Maybe I will strike oil in my back yard!!
Thats it for now except to say I love my OH buddies and I am SOO grateful for their love and encouragement!

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