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I’m a bit more than one year post op, sips/ loop do. i started a new job in September that’s been keeping me quite active. I’ve also been ‘dieting’ trying to battle off those last 20 pounds. I started getting intense dizzy spells, to the poin

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so I’m a bit over one year post op. Sips/ loop ds/ Sadi-s. I’m having a hard time with food. Lately I feel like everything I was eating made me sick. I tried really hard controlling what I was eating. Cutting out certain food groups and things like

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After 2/3 frustrating months I've noticed an annoying pattern. I lose about 7lbs in 4-5 days and then stall for 10-17 days. This has happened about 4 times already and it's quite discouraging. Also when I enter the 'stall period' i go up about 2.5lbs.

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Hi everyone.

So its been a crazy 4 1/2 months of nutty ups and downs, and I finally did it! I'm half ways towards my goal! (to have a normal bmi) I know the first half is easier to lose than the second, but I never dreamed I'd be holding here i

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So I realized that I have a problem. When I was 14 I went through something that would have been classified as anorexia, if I wouldn't have been obese. I ate as little as 500 cal. A day. The weight came off really fast, but I felt sick all time. I watc

Riva_G. has a new goal: my goal is to feel good in my own body. 1 year, 6 months ago
working to eliminate negative self talk and being body positive

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Hey everyone! So, I'm new here, and I'm wondering if anyone on here did the sips? I had mine done at Westchester hospital with Dr Mitchel Roslin, July 18 2019. I've been searching everywhere and its almost impossible to find anyone who's done this surg

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