Great idea if you are into it...

May 17, 2019

Wanted to post a great idea for distracting yourself from eating.... writing.  As you can tell by my name I'm into romances.  I've even written a few but won't tell you which ones since this is not the place for that.  But anyway, if you are into writing it's a great way to get your feelings out.  I've found it to be very therapeutic.  I even killed my husband off onces when I was angry at him.    He laughs at that.  But whether it's a journal or a short story try it.  It really helps.  I do have to warn you that it can be addicting and there are times when eating, phones, spouses and children can become an irritating distraction if you are really caught up.  Have fun.

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I finally had to bite the bullet

May 16, 2019

I've been fighting a battle with my plantars faciitis.  I've had three cortizone shots last year and I thought I was done with this issue.  Unfortunately after five months since my last one I have to admit defeat and call the pediatrist to get another shot and possible (I really hope not) discuss surgery to deal with this problem once and for all.  I am hoping that we can put off surgery for a while since my WLS is scheduled six days after my appointment.  I just hope the doctor says it's possible since I really need to be on my feet as soon as possible to make the most of the surgery.  I really don't want to have to sit around for six weeks and then have weeks of PT to get back up and running.


we're getting close

May 13, 2019

Had my pre-op exam today.  Everything is on track for my surgery in two weeks.  Getting really excited which helps since I'm now on the pre-op diet- 1200 calories a day mostly all liquids with only one meal.  This helps keep me motivated when I start to feel tempted.  I see all those after photos and I want to be one of the successes that get's to post on my page that I have lost a hundred pounds and is keeping it off.  Wish me luck - and of course lots of hard work.


Getting close

May 08, 2019

I got a call yesterday from my doctor's office.  The nurse just wanted to go over some questions to help make my pre-surgery visit on Monday go a little faster.  As of Monday (the day after Mother's Day) I will be two weeks away from surgery and will start my pre-surgery diet.  I'm trying to do it now but not alway successful.  I tend to eat an two meals instead of the one.  I will just have to drop that second meal and stick to the liquids/ protein when the time comes.  Anyway... what kinds of exercises are people doing?  I know that going to the gym and using the same weight machines will eventually get old so I am looking for other workout ideas to keep things interesting.  Any ideas?

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Can I just whine for a minute?

May 01, 2019

OK so my husban of 26+ years and I have been trying to make more time for us as we quickly enter the empty nest stage of our relationship.  So we have date night at least once a month maybe two if we can swing it.  Soooo this weekend we had plans to go out  - not sure where but we figure what difference does it make we'll be together and we'll find somethign to do that hopefully has little to nothing to do with food.  Last time we went skaing and well lets just say one of us ended up in the hospital and it wasn't because one of us fell down ahem read first blog post.  Ouch! Anyway, we had plans as I said and I was really looking forward to haning out with my boyfriend instead of my husband. Then I get a call from my older sister yesterday and guess what?!  We now have a funeral to go to.  I hate to even think this but if anyone could weigh in on this please let me know if I am being a terrible person.  I was told the funeral will be on Saturday from 4-6PM. After that will be the repast.  Now as you all know food is a problem during this time.  That the first thing that is a red light for me then there is the fact that I really wanted to just have my husband that night and to be a girlfriend not a wife or even a family member and the deceast is only a distant cousin I haven't seen since I was about twelve. So is it really bad if I only want to hug and kiss family before the funeral.  Stay for the service then bounce? 


And so it begins

Apr 29, 2019

Current weight 232 - ish.  Still recovering from emergency gallbladder surgery on the 16th and I have to admit I haven't been the most discriminating when it came to food this past weekend.  Was able to get to the gym though even if all I could do was walk on the treadmill. so it still felt like a victory.  Today I plan to get back on the horse and stick to my diet.  I really want to lose as much weight as I can before surgery on the 28th so that I will be below 200lbs as soon as possible.  Can't waight to be on the other side though and working on recovery. This is going to be an interesting two weeks. 


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