three month checkup victory!

Aug 26, 2019

I saw my doctor for my three month checkup today.  Happy to report that they were very happy with my progress so far.  Apparently I surpassd my expected weightloss for this far 0--into my recovery.  I've lost nearly 45% (really 44.5) of my extra weight.  He told me that usually his male patients are at this point not many women in this category.  I have to admit for a minute I felt like a freak but then I decided to embrace it and be thankful that I've gotten this far so fast.  I am a woman on a mission and I am determined to get ride of the rest of my extra weight as soon as physically possible.  47lbs left to go an then it all toning and skin removal.  I have no intention of stopping the good habits I have adopted but I also am looking forward to all the things that I once loved but couldn't do anymore because my weight got in the way.  Amusement parks clear the decks because I'll be on my way pretty soon. Can't wait to ride all those big scary rides without fear of being too big to fit in the seats.


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