Up late due to hunger

Jun 08, 2018

Only 2 more days of this.  Tomorrow Sunday will be the most fun when I am only allowed water. Honestly, I'm so very hungry but I don't really like the feeling of food in my stomach or chewing or swallowing it at the moment. I am just hungry for how I was eating before the preop diet. 

I'm most worried about my pain meds. I'm such a wuss with pain. I'm afraid they'll ignore my need for it since I think i'm much more susceptible to it for some reason.  When I had my gallbladder taken out I had to stay ab extra 2 days in the hospital because of severe, unreasonable pain. Gosh. I just hope they can give me proper pain management. 



We shall see! I am down 12 lbs on this preop diet. I've always lost weight quickly, just gained it back exponentially faster. I am hopeful this will be a great tool. It just has to be!


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