More Feb.2017 fun

Feb 22, 2017

Life is not going to pass me by anymore

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Wow, almost 10 months post op

Feb 22, 2017

May 2016 296lbs- feb 22, 2016 159lbs. I still can't believe it. I work hard at it everyday and it's paying off. This is what I do for fun now


8 months Post op

Jan 10, 2017

Went to surgeon yesterday for check up.  Loss slowing down but have lost 25 lbs over the last 3 months.  Begining weight 296 with a BMI in the high 50's, current weight 170 with a BMI of 28 or 29.

Still walking every day.  Last week I logged in 49 miles.  Believe it or not it's pretty easy to do.  I've lost most of my walking friends because they can't go fast enough to keep up, or can't do the distance. 

I am experiencing life like I never have before.  My losses come and go very slowing.  I keep having 3 or even 4 week stalls, most of the time skipping over a complete size all at once.

I was a tight womens 28 when I started my journey, down to a ladies 10 or 12 depending on maker now.  I still plan on at least another 30 lbs then we'll see where I want to go from there.  I am trying to upload some pics to show some progress, I hope it works.

Wishing you all continued success.  I don't post much anymore, but I do still follow quite a few of you, interested in how your making out and wishing you the very best also.  Talk to you in a few months!!


Busy Busy Busy

Nov 17, 2016

Gosh, I should really keep track of everything that's going on.  It's been quite a while since I posted anything.  I've been extremely busy the last month packing and finally moving,  to  move last weekend, and start the unpacking process.  It's never ending but we bought a great house and it's so exciting!!


I am down to 181. So I am over 100 lbs down in 6 months.  Everyone keeps calling me skinny and small.  Not words I've ever heard in my life and pretty hard to accept because I know I have at least 30 lbs to go to my comfy weight but the weight chart tells me 130 so thats 50 lbs to go.  Whichever I end up at, I will be happier than a pig in sh**.....and that is the truth!!


I wore a size 14 pant today.  I started at a tight 28.  I have not worn anything but elastic waist for the last 30 years.  My only complaint  is I can't get my pants/shorts down as fast as I could in the restroom, lol.  It's a lot of work to button.  No wonder Women take so long in the restroom.


I haven't kept track of my monthly weight loss because my doctor's appointments have been very spuratic.  I've been canceled and rescheduled so many times I sometimes don't see him for 2 1/2 months.   But I feel great so I am confident I am doing great.


Still walking at least 3 miles a morning, then with all during the day I end up with 5-8 miles a day usually. I still go 7 days a week. I've had a couple days register over 25,000 steps on my fit bit.  WOW.   It's a habit now so that's fun. Okay, that's it for now.  I hope all of you are reaping your weight loss benefits to the max, push yourselves to always do better than yesterday and keep that CAN DO attitude.

Have a great evening,



Feeling Good

Sep 07, 2016

Saw my primary care doctor yesterday as they were anxious to catch up with me after surgery.  We had made this appointment in April, my Surgey was May 2 and they were really impressed with my results thus far.

I am officially down 90lbs. in just 4 months........4 months OMG.  I have gone from a 4/5X top to a XL in most womens shirts.  My bottoms still range between XL and 18 depending on if elastic waist or not.  I was a very tight size 28 on surgery day.

I am no longer on blood control meds.  I have an appt. in October with the pulmonologist to see if the cpap may go bye bye, although it's become my security blanket and I sort of would hate to see it go at this point.

Still walking 3.5 miles as soon as I roll out of bed and hit between 11 and 15 thousand for the day in steps. 

I still hate the taste of water but I'm pushing it to try and like it again. I still mix it with flavor enhancers when I just can't stomach it.  I still hate eating breakfast so a shake is my breakfast followed by high protein lunch and dinner.  Once in a great while I have a hand full of nuts but that's about it as far as snacking goes(that's been about 3 times at most).  I did have a few slices of Outback bread once.  Filled me up so fast it was hard to eat dinner so haven't done that again.

I have lost a combined total of 58.75 inches as of today between my waist,neck,bicep,forearm,chest,hip,thigh and calf.

Wishing EVERYONE lots of success and NSV's!!!!


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No longer on the side lines of anything!

Aug 24, 2016

Well, after changed appointments by the doctors for a few months, I finally got in to see my doc today and was I in for the shock of my life.  I saw the doc at my 1 week post and then 3 weeks later at my 1 month.  Thru no fault of my own my appointments kept changing because of doc vacation, surgical emergencies etc., so I didn't see him nor get to keep to much track of my success, although I knew I was doing pretty well.

At my first visit I was 299lbs.  At todays visit I was 206.   And my BMI went from 54 to 35.  In 3 1/2 months!  I am just beyond words to describe the feelings I have. 


I still walk 3 miles every single day of the week as soon as I roll out of bed(usually 430 or 5am) because it's already 75-78 degrees then. 

I lost 5 lbs this week alone thinking I would lose nothing as my daughter was here visiting from Michigan and we've eaten out alot.  I can say even though I made smart choices it played with my mind as to if I was over doing it or not.  As much as I love eating out, I would just assume stay home now and keep myself on track 100%. 

I am so close to One derland I can taste it and nothing is gonna stop me from getting there!

Best wishes to you all and continued success to everyone.

Best decision of my life!!


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July Post

Jul 08, 2016

Haven't posted in a while so I thought I would do an update (mainly for myself so one day when I go back and re-read these I can laugh at myself and say "No you didn't"!!)

My surgery was on May 2.  I saw my doc on May 10 the follow up.  I saw him again around June 3 and he was pretty impressed with my loss.

I was to have an appointment the begining on July.  That got changed to the middle of July.  Now they called this morning and changed it yet again to August 23.  Certainly I really don't mind.  Thank god I'm feeling well, the eating is going great and my excercise is really going well.  Please believe me when I say I'm not complaining.  I'm just hoping when he finally sees me that he is as impressed by my weight loss that I am!!  I am down 65 lbs since May 2!!

I went shopping for clothes yesterday, every size I picked up and tried on had to go back because it was too big....I still can't get over that.  I am wearing a ladies xl shirt.  I started in a 5X. WOW.

My pant were a 28/30 or 4X and I'm now down to a 18/20 or 1X/2X dependign on cut,  and feel that will probably drop within a few weeks.  I have worn a sports bra for 20 years so NO clue what my bust size is but someday I'll go to VS and get measured....I admit I like paying 3.00 for a bra though, at VS I know it would be 25.00 or more.

I'm mad that my feet have no shrunk like so many others I see.  They've never been "fat or puffy", lucky me, but no budging on size for now anyways.

I'm still rolling out of bed and excercising 3 miles 7 days a week, plus all the usual walking and dog walking so I am averaging around 10-12,000 steps per day.  I am happy with that and it's really working with my weight loss.

I was a real "couch potato".  Don't let anyone tell you that you don't have to excercise.  You got the way you are for a reason.  Taking in too much and not working any off. My mind, body and soul thank me every night with the best sleeps and dreams I've had in over 25 years.  The "high" feeling I get every morning I finish my walk is knowing the hard part, but the most satisfying part is done and I can go about my day with no shame about not doing all I can to help the process.  My heart and lungs are thanking me too!!

I am loving life again!!  Thank you doctor, husband, family, insurance company for giving me my life back one day at a time, better and better each day



Jun 14, 2016

Never in a milion years could I picture myself getting up off the couch and doing excercise.  My knees hurt, my joints hurt, I couldn't walk 100 steps without being winded.  Man have things changed in my first 6 weeks post-op.

I started with little milestones everyday and when I did it, I increased it the next day and so on and so forth.  I now roll out of bed, have my decaf coffee or tea and hit the road for 3 miles.  I have not taken a day off from excercise in almost 2 months.  I'm always doing something and I love it.

I love not being to hungry anymore and thinking of food all the time.

I love that my shorts are falling off of me and I have to buy newer ones(Salvation army had a sale today 50% off so I got 3 pair for $5.00.  What a deal!!

My sneakers are starting to feel a little bigger than usual.  Not sure if I'm stretching them out from all the walking or if my feet may have shrank just a little.

I love that I quit smoking in Dec. 2015 and never looked back.

I love that my family doesn't object to eating what I do.  My mother in law called to tell me my husband had lunch at her house on Saturday after golfing and asked for tuna with melted cheese, no bread.  OMG that made my day.  I'm rubbing off on him a little each day.

I don't buy much, but I've been shopping alot with my daughter who tells me I would look so good in this or that.  I love that I know I will someday soon  :)

I love that I am loving life more and more each day.

That's all, just a natural kind of high day.  Best to all of you and I hope you have the same kind of days!


One month weigh in

Jun 02, 2016

Well, I am down 28 pounds since surgery, 37 since the diet.  I am so excited about this.  So many NSV's without really thinking about them happening.  Being able to cross my legs, bending over to pick something off the floor, getting up out of a chair without  scooting to get up, being able to walk 3 miles, being able to tie my shoes, being able to wipe my butt easily(I know TMI but it's a biggie for me). No knee pain.

So one month ago the surgery is behind me.  The day's have gone by quickly.  I walk every morning.  After no pooping for 3 1/2 weeks, I am finally pooping every morning, with help of mira-lax, stool softners and fiber pills but hey, it's working!!!

My shorts are ready to fall off when I walk so I will have to look for some cheapies to get me through.  All the t-shirts are fitting nicely instead of the big stretch I used to give them everytime before pulling them over my head.

I've lived near the beach for 12 years and have only gone twice.  I've been twice already since surgery and my bathing suit if fitting big so I'm not to self conscious at all. 

My doctor said my BMI has gone from 53 to 42 already and he said normally he won't talk about that stuff so soon but I am doing really amazingly to him.  Top 90%.  I am so happy about that.  I plan to keep chugging along every day.  I know I am ready for the stall period so I think I will get thru that just fine as I do not weigh myself at all.  My clothes, seatbelt, etc are telling me all I need to know about that.  He does want me to start some weight training just to keep the muscle up as we all know the fast weight loss will start to eat the muscle so I plan on doing that soon. I think that will be fun and something I can do with my daughter.

Just for fun measurements: Waist was 58, now 52, Neck 17 now 15, bicep 14.50 Now 13.50, chest 55, now 49.5, hip 62, now 55, thigh 28.50 now 23 and calf was 18 now 16.5


Taking medicine

May 20, 2016

The medicines I've been on for the last 15 years (sinus, depression, anxiety, hormone replacement) is so hard to take now.  Every day it takes me about an hour to get it down. (nothing is big, it's all doable size).

I feel sick, like I'm going to throw up each day I go threw this.  This morning I did finally throw up just as soon as I got them down.

Anyone go through this daily.  It literally turns my stomach to think about taking them.

Also, I'm almost 4 weeks out and I am on a med I have to take morning and night to prevent gallstones.  I have to put it on my food and it is so disgusting.  How long is that required, anyone know?


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