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Feb 10, 2020

I had my RNY April 2017. It literally saved my live. I was doing very well till last year, life hit me hard and I start regaining weight rapidly. Now I'm battling with 20lbs. Today I was reading an article about weight regain byYelena Kibasova! it was a woke call for me. Lately I found myself isolating myself, hiding, avoiding everyone and of course stoped going to support groups. I'm So ashamed of me. Been a Failure is a terrible feeling! But after reading Yelna's article I relized its never too late. 

Change your mindset.
Stop feeling shame for being human.
Stop giving your excuses power.
And stop waiting for the perfect time.
Take charge and make it happen.
Not tomorrow, not Monday, but right now...... Yelena Kibasova! 

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