Today is Monday, February 22, 2021

Feb 22, 2021

I have completed everything that needs completing, and have been waiting and waiting to hear news of when the hospital has scheduled my surgery. Today I decided enough waiting, and called to inquire about whether or not they have even received the clearance form from my doctor, because I have heard NOTHING from ANYONE since submitting everything I was told to submit. I was put on hold for a few minutes then told I still needed to attend a support group meeting. So, I went on to explain to the nurse that when I was at my second appointment, I had explained to the nutritionist and psychologist that the hospital is a half hour drive via expressway from my house, and I must borrow a car to get there since I have none of my own, which would not be much of a problem EXCEPT all of the hospital’s support meetings are only at night, and I cannot drive at night, and no one is able to bring me at night due to Covid rules saying they would have to remain in their car instead of coming inside until the meeting is finished. No one was willing to sit for an hour  outside at night for an hour, in winter, waiting for me to come out of the support meeting. I cannot say I blame them, either. 

Once I explained, I was told I could join Obesity Help and prove that I had registered, and that would be sufficient. So, at my final meeting I brought in my iPad to show that I had registered, and was told it would be noted since I could not actually access my registration itself to make a paper copy of to put in the files. Then I was told all that was left for me  to do was get my doctor’s clearance for surgery and have it faxed in. It has been a month with no word about anything, so I called.  Imagine my distress when, after explaining everything on the phone to the nurse, I was told again that al, I need do is join Obesity Help and prove my registration, and THEN my surgery can be scheduled! I CANNOT PRODUCE MY REGISTRATION HERE, and I cannot for the life of me figure out why my blog posts are not enough. I wouldn’t be able to post on Obesity Help if I were not registered with it! SHEESH! For cryin’ out loud! I am SO FRUSTRATED! 


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