The beginning of a wonderful journey.

Sep 12, 2022

I'd like to introduce myself.  I'm Sheryl, a 63 year old lady who has really crappy knees. I came to the decision to have bariatric surgery after the discussion about how truly bad my knees are. The hospital system I work with insists on a 50lb. weight loss before knee replacement can happen. That propelled me in the direction of WLS, but wasn't the deciding factor.  I have diabetes,  high blood pressure, and sleep apnea also. This is the chance to get rid of those things permanently! 

This is day 12 of my journey towards a healthier body. My home scale says I've gotten rid of 10 lbs. since surgery! My knees don't ache nearly as much as before. 

Yesterday I was able to walk 1.4 miles. A good start!

I hope to connect with other bariatric patients soon. I want to gather as many successful people around me as possible. 

I got concerned a couple of days ago because the weight loss stalled.  I called one of the people I know who has had the same surgery.  She said it is normal for this to occur. 

What a relief! 

When I was dressing yesterday I realized I already need to hook my bra on the next position in. Sounds silly but,  I was really pleased with this.

My daughter is supportive but quite concerned about this whole thing.  She is built just like me,  so seems to feel uncomfortable about my choice to gain a healthier body and lifestyle. 


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Sep 12, 2022
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