almost 2 wks out!

Jun 05, 2011

Well....I'm down 17 pounds in one day less than two weeks!!!  And it feels Great!


May 27, 2011

I had my RNY done Monday, 05-23-11. I am home and I am feeling better with each passing day. Today was really the first I felt a little "queasy" so I took some Phenergan and that took care of that! I also seem to be able to go longer periods between pain meds, which is GREAT! I did switch to Vicodin as the Percocet just makes me toooo loopy! I even worked a little today, typed a few Coroner Reports for my doc! Just a handfull, that's when I decided to switch out the Percocet! LOL! So I think Tuesday I will start back to typing full-time from home.....we'll see how I do. But so far.... so good! Also Tuesday I get this drain out so that will make life a little simplier too!
I'll keep this blog updated for all the folks going through this because I know what a "challenging", emotional decision it is!!
But sometimes you just gotta "go with your gut"  *pun intended*!


Apr 20, 2011

Well, I am 3 yrs out from lapband and have had a rough time of it!! But I am looking forward to a revision surgery. I initialy was planning on RNY revision on 05/23/11, but have now decided to talk with my surgeon about VSG! I just feel more comfortable with VSG versus RNY. The whole intestine thing just scars the pooop outta me! And I initially lost weight with the band, but after a slip 7mns into the band "journey", I was never "right" afterwards! So I am quite sure I can lose the weight with a restrictive procedure only! Plus the malabsorption part of RNY is only temporary anyway so I am confident with this decision! But the whole process has been scarry and mind-numbing to say the least!
I meet with Dr. Choban on the 28th of this month, *April*, to discuss VSG and then we will schedule! *fingers crossed*

Total band unfill :(

Oct 31, 2009

Had to go to the doc again because of pain, vomiting, inability to lay down, eat solids or even drink for that matter... Doc informed me that she thought there might have been a slight slip on my upper GI done beginning of September and that it might have fully slipped last week when all this started. So... now I have a complete unfill and am waiting for six weeks to see how things go. I am scheduled for a fluro fill on 12/01/09.
Keep me in your thoughts and prayers....
very, very disappointed.

Another unfill...

Sep 05, 2009

Well I had another unfill of 1.4 ccs this week. I also had an upper GI yesterday and to my relief.... everything is fine. So all this time, I have just been TOO tight. I kept getting fills because I could not feel the band...and when I did finally "feel" the band, I was too tight and could not eat or drink. I can't believe I am such an idiot! lol. I still struggle with feeling full sometimes, but I also know I have to work on my eating cues and emotional eating habits... This is hard!
I have started measuring food again so I know the amounts I am eating. I am gonna train my eye and my stomach!!!
I do feel a lot better tho now that I had an unfill and I am going to re-double my efforts!!

Sweet Relief!

Aug 13, 2009

I had a slight unfill and am doing soooo much better now. Thank goodness I went. Being too tight is not fun. I have just under 8 ccs and I am going to work with that for awhile and try my hardest to re-commit to exercise again!

fine tunning!

Jul 30, 2009

As of now I have a "full 8 ccs" according to the doc. I had a slight unfill on July 2nd, but really am still too tight. I am going for another unfill next week. I honestly did not have any restriction until I hit 8 ccs in the band. Then , being greedy I guess, I let the doc. put in another "full 0.5", which I think was probably more likef 0.7 ccs. After this, I have been pretty miserable. I have trouble eating solids, trouble getting all my fluids in, pain, gurglinga and now some night reflux. Ugh... I really wish I could go back and just keep the 8 ccs and work with it. Trust me, greed does not pay! It is not worth it! I def. learned my lession here and just hope I can move forward with my weight loss journey! Wish me luck....

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4th Fill....

Mar 12, 2009

Went 03-12-09 for my 4th fill with Dr. Choban. I now have 8.5 ccs... I had gained 1 pound since my last fill. I did complain about the fills only lasting a short time, 3rd fill lasted 8 to 10 days, and Dr. Cho. said I could return in three weeks for another fill if I needed to. Thank goodness for this. I feel like the first couple weeks after a fill I do really good, then I struggle for the next 4 weeks waiting for another fill and this time I gained during that 4 week wait......Hope things go better this time around!

Is the 3rd time a charm?

Feb 01, 2009

I had my third fill on 01-29-09! Today is just the 2nd of February, but I am hopeful this time my restriction with stay with me longer! I have 7 ccs in my 14 cc band. So far, so good. I am eating a lot less, about 500 to 800 calories less a day and I feel perfectly satisfied. I never thought this day would ever come and I hope it stays awhile. I am posting so close after a fill because I just want to remember how this feels. I actually feel like I can do this right now and I need to remember even if this fill is not THE ONE, eventually it will come....

3rd fill coming!

Jan 04, 2009

I am a little worried because my second fill only offered me restriction for 4 maybe 5 days!!! Not sure if this is normal, but everyone is different I know. I have only lost 12 pounds since surgery date, 09-10-08, and 28 from my highest weight. I seem to be stuck. I am not liking it. I am also worried because a different doc did my second fill because my operating doc was "booked up". My first fill was done under fluro and was recorded as having 7 ccs in. When the new doc did my second fill, he pulls out the originial fluid to record the amount and he only pulled out 4.5 ccs. He said not to worry, that maybe the first fill was just recorded wrong, but I did notice when he put in 6 ccs I did not have the same "tight" feeling I had with the first fill and was able to drink my water with ease, where as the first time around, it took me about 15 to 20 minutes... This does have me a bit worried and certainly hope I have no leaks!!! Again, the second fill offered me some "mild restriction" for about 4 or 5 days and then BAM, nothing... This is definitely a roller-coaster ride and I guess I will find out more info when I see Dr. Miller on the 26th of January for my 3rd fill... Wish me luck!!



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