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Hi All:

Im post op a bit over 6mths and have lost over 85lbs. Issue I am having is that the past 3 weeks I have lost and gained the same 2 pounds continuously. I am hitting a Plato and not sure what to do. Its so frustrating.

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Hi All:

Im post op 6 weeks and am having issues with what to eat. Meat sometime does work well. I could have chop meat of some sort one night and the next, I feel sick. I am sticking with the mushy food (yogurt, cottage cheese, etc.) and I

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Hi Wednesday marks 6 weeks and I can start to eat my new norm but my question is....what is the new norm. I have appt with the nutritionist to review but wanted to know what happen to all of you.

I want to know when I can get back

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Motivation on this journey is easy. Everyday when I look at my son I know I have another day with him. Every pound dropped means more days.

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I had my surgery on 3/20. today is day 12 on the liquid "diet". Is it normal to physically tired? I am drained. I feel like I cant even type this. Hard to get up and ready for work. Already looking forward to a nap at lunch. I don't know if I ca

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HI....on my 53rd birthday this year, 3/20, I took my life back.  I had my surgery.  At 280lbs, I knew if I didnt do this I would end up like my mother, dying at 71 after being in a hospital bed for...

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