Orientation... Mar 7 2018

Mar 07, 2018



Day 1. 

A journey of a thousand miles starts with one to many trips to mcdonalds apparently. I love Mcdonalds, I know what the food is,  I understand the nutritional value is near nil the food is over salted under protiened and overall just not super healthy, but to me.. it just tastes good.  Therein lie my problem, I am a very fat guy who loves bland food. I dont like salt, I dont like spices, (Even basic spices) I can deal with 'em, but id prefer to avoid them

To me, food I havent tried is definately bad food. No logical reason for this, just how I am. 

And man, am I lazy...  in the supidest ways. I would rather get dressed, get in my car, drive 15 minutes for fast food, drive 15 minutes home... and THEN eat. All instead of making a sandwich or having some of the green leafy stuff.

Today was a red letter day, I went to Orientation at Toronto Western Hospital. My goal.... weight loss surgery. my real goal?... 3xl or less shirts, that i dont have to order from amazon. The staff seem nice, the information well presented and straightforward. This is a tool, not a miracle drug.

Today is my 42nd birthday, I have no other issue with me except for weight and a bum knee (related to the weight no doubt!) I hope i can make it through this all right and the words on this blog do not become my farewell to the most amazing woman in the world for me. My last words written to my best friends, thich and thin theyve always been there, (mostly thick). My so long comments to my mom and my step dad and whomever else i failed to mention, Its not an academy award but ill take a few to consider the important people.

I am making a list of all the things I would like to do/accomplish/deny after weight loss surgery, here is a few for the lols...


=> Roller coasters

=> Clothes

=> Nice car!


to be continued.....

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