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Sep 07, 2018

Over the past few months I have started loving myself again.  In the past, I have beat myself up for failing to meet my goals because it seemed like everytime I made a little headway, like lose a few pounds, something would happen and I'd have a setback.  I'm no quitter so I'd just pick myself up, brush myself off and push through.  My mantra: "This too shall pass.  It's only temporary".  But deep inside, this little voice kept asking me.  "Why bother?  Why do you keep pushing yourself only to end up a failure everytime?  Why don't you just give up?"  Because I have attempted and failed so many times in my weight-loss journey, I started feeling worthless, useless and a waste of space.  And I started believing that little voice was right.  Why bother.  Well, because I matter!  That's why!  I am bound and determined to succeed.  I want a chance to live a happy, healthy life without thinking about my weight everyday of my life.  

I feel like this surgery will give me a fighting chance.  

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Sep 07, 2018
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