I love going to the movies. I've always liked movies since I was very little. I like to read magazines, books and newspapers. I like to travel. I enjoy gambling. I love using my computer.

I started out on this weight loss journey last spring. My orthopedic doctor had been treating me for osteoarthritis and he asked me if I knew about the surgery. He referred me to general surgery. From there I went to a nutrition class for 4 weeks, got my psych. evaluation and got the ball rolling.

My surgery date is March 5, 2004.

My surgery was March 5, 2004. I did not have any complications. I feel blessed to have been able to have this opportunity to have lap Rny and get my life back.

I made the Century Club on January 13, 2005!!!! I am so excited about reaching this great milestone. I made it in alittle more than 10 months too. Since I am considered a lightweight, I think it has taken me longer to lose the weight and at a slower rate but as long as I'm losing, that's what counts.
The picture on the left is one that was taken the day I went in for my surgery. Picture on the right I am 17 months postop.

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Jan 10, 2004
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