Evil Dr. Wont Let Me Clean

Dec 29, 2017

Went to give blood again yesturday and got the call. I am now to take one cumodin until next blood date. I also had my first follow-up with Dr. Ryan my RYN surgeon. He said that everything looks good. He gave me the ok to go back to work since all i do is drive a school bus. So once schools go back i am cleared to start back again. I told him about how I gained so much weight the days after and how i have been loseing it steadily everyday since and how now my weight is lower than my pre surgery weight. He said you know who to blame for that? I said YOU lol. He laughed and said yup, this guy. He told me still   no swimming, exerciseing, strenuous walking or cleaning for another 3 weeks. The cleaning part I have a hard time with lol. I can not imagine the condition of my house if i did no cleaning for a month. Hubby just does not do it right or enough lol. 

Today I was doing some organizing. I was sitting down mostly but twisting and turning to much i guess. I started getting sharp pains in my right side. So after a few warning pains  i put everything away and sat back on the couch with some jello. 

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