Back in the Swim of things

Feb 06, 2018

Today my husband and I decided to finally go to the gym. I got the ok to exercise a week ago but the weather has been to cold. I thought I'll do some walking/jogging on the treadmill and then do some swimming. After leaving for my van run (I'm a school van driver) I realized that I forgot my towel. I thought well thats ok I can stop at the walmart and buy a cheep one. Than when i was just about to my first school I realized I was wearing boots, and of course I forgot my tennis shoes. i got the overwhelming feeling of just saying forget it I'm not going to go. But I pressed on and decided to look for a cheep pair of shoes so i could still go. After not finding anything I thought about going to the thrift store when my husband said why dont we just go swim. I agreed. 

I tried on a bathing suit I bought some time ago that realy didnt fit but I could squeeze into it. Today it fit well. I didnt have any trouble getting it on. I have always liked swimming but after having a fall that injured my shoulder I couldnt swim very fast. I decided I was going to try and push the shoulder a little today and see if i can work out the stiffness. I managed to swim a mile in just under an hour and half, burning about 1000 calories. I have never swam a mile in that short of time. Normaly it would have taken 2 or 3 hours at least. 


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