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Jun 12, 2018

I am a school bus driver, and my schools are now on summer vacation. So my husband and i decided to take a week and visit family on the Eastern shore. It is unseasonaly cool here so we decided to go to the store and buy a pair of jeans. My husband held up a pair of 14's and like the last time i said no way im in a 14. well, I tried them on and they dont fit. However, they almost fit. So I decided to try on a pair of 16's and found a pair of 15's. They both fit. Also my mother in law gave me an outfit that says it's a medium on the tag. and it fit as well.

Why is it that I see the weight come off but yet when i look in the mirror I still see the fat girl? I used to be skinny many many moons ago. So it's not like I haven't seen myself skinny before. I can tell I have lost weight when i look at individual thinfgs. Such as the excess skin on my neck where my double chin used to be. But i dont believe I have lost as much as I have or can fit into the lower sizes until after I try something on.. 


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