Jun 05, 2020

I haven't posted in awhile. I have been keeping busy as much as possible. Over the summer, I hiked most of the Appalachian trail Pa section. Than I took a couple of weekends to finish the rest. All in all I hiked about 250 to 300 miles. I came back to not only meeting my dr goal weight but my goal weight as well. My Dr was shooting for 185, I was shooting for 175. When I came back after my final week hiking I was 172. Unfortunately after the holidays and then the quarantine I gained back 10 of those lbs. At least I am still below my Dr. goal weight for me.

I have already started on my next journey. I am now working on doing Md. boarder to boarder. It isn't that long but with the weather I wasn't planning on doing much until it warms up and stays warm. I have finished half of it so far. Last weekend I got caught in the really bad rain and my dog and I ended up hunkering down near a rock to try and stay dry. Did not work to well for me lol. I am hoping to do a couple of states boarder to boarder this summer as well as get back out to kayak.

Losing all the weight we have lost has given me back my life; and I intend on doing as much as I can with it.


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