Premier Protein Caramel Shake

"We decided to get some of these to try and was surprised they were actually pretty good. Perfect for something on the go"

Body Fortress

"At first I bought the Bariatric Advantage. I did not like the texture or taste of it so I started searching for an alternative. Body Fortress has many flavors to choose from. My favorite was the chocolate peanut butter one. What makes this also a win is the carbs were almost half less than the advantage brand. This one is so good I will be having these well after I am healed and no longer "Have" to drink them."

Bariatric Advantage

"First the taste of this was like drinking a very frothy drink. The froth made it hard to drink these 4 times a day for 10 Days. The price is high. For one bag and 5 single bottles it costs $75. The nutritional value could be better. I showed my surgeon another brand that had lower carbs, and the same amount of vitamins. He was shocked and gave me the ok to use it. Not to mention it costs 3 times less than the Advantage."
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